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Our Story

We started as two families coming together to make delicious sausage. For families to bring home and enjoy together. We’re proud of our heritage and incredibly proud that families in the southeast have relied on us for quality sausage at an excellent value for three generations. 

Garcia Smoked Sausages enjoyed by family and friends for years.

Our Inspiration

Getting family or friends together is one of life’s greatest pleasures. The laughter, the chatter, the reminiscing among generations, it can’t be beat. Whether it’s a quick lunch or dinner for the masses, our story is your story. For more than 60 years. 

And while we’ve gotten a little bigger since then, we still make our sausage in small batches, cooked slowly at low temperatures with real hickory smoke. Pretty much the same way for more than six decades. 

Guy eating a hot dog with a Garcia Sausage.

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